Malana Research delivers high-quality analyzes and thus a solid decision-making basis
that creates value for our customers. We provide "What you need to know"

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We keep in mind that each primary research methodology should be one and unique.
This does not mean that projects should not be supported by tried and tested research designs.



Reach your target audience and gain insights about their opinion and discover what makes them tick

Why Our Consulting

Malana Research is committed to collect quality data, data analysis and timely delivery to the clients in the most trusted and accurate manner.

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Accurate & Timely data delivery

Accurate and on time data is highly important for marketers to arrive at right decisions and it is one of the main goals of Malana Research

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Field Work with Quality Control

We at Malana Research  live by the word quality data and follow every step as per the  ESMOAR code of conduct while doing the field work.

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Rapid Assessment

Baseline Surveys

Audience Surveys

Public and Opinion Polling

Mid Term and Terminal Evaluations

Formative Assessment

Impact Assessment

Ethnographic Study


Consumer & Retail

Localized disruption at every turn. Consumer needs continually in flux. We help our Consumer and Retail clients tackle growth challenges head-on

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Financial Services

In a sector where legacy meets cutting edge technology, looming regulations drive product and service features, and customers are overwhelmed with choices

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Technology & Telecom

No industry moves faster than this one; no insights partner moves faster than us. Drive your business forward with nimble

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Balancing patient needs and stakeholder demands within the volatile healthcare landscape requires clear and comprehensive insight.

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Travel & Tourism

we help maximize travel and tourism in the face of changing preferences, intensifying competition, increasing disruptions and shrinking resources

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Professional Services

Today’s professional services firms need a rare hybrid: an insights partner with a consulting heritage, plus the research and analytics muscle to expand the power

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In a sector where nuanced insight is hard to find and internal research support can be sparse, Grail is your go-to for clear answers and flexible engagement

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Food and Beverage

Get the latest research insights and industry statistics for the food and beverage market with topics

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Countries We Cover

We are continuously pushing the edges of marketing research for deeper engagement, more inspiration, and longer-lasting impact.
Algeria | Benin Republic | Botswana | Burundi | Cameroon | Central African Republic | cote d’ivoire | Democratic Republic of Congo | Egypt | Ethiopia | Guinea Bissau | Ghana| Kenya | Lesotho | Liberia | Mali | Malawi | Mauritius | Mozambique | Namibia | Niger | Nigeria | Rwanda| Senegal | South Africa | Sudan | Swaziland | Tanzania | Tunisia | Uganda | Zambia | Zanzibar | Zimbabwe

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Latest case studies

Market Survey

Consumer Products & Retail,

Customer Satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction survey/ 2018 / Kenya

Feasibility study covering market

Feasibility study/ 2017 / Uganda

Commitment To Work

Malana Research strongly believes in innovating new ideas leading to a new operational process and services


We Offer A Great Variety Of
Market Research Services

We work with our partners to streamline project plans that
don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on
time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where
every day counts.

What Our Clients Say

The key to build trust in a client-agency relationship is for the agency to be transparent & forthcoming with problems that may be encountered during data collection. Malana Resaerch have been extremely transparent with the projects conducted for us, and we trust their data quality.

George peter wells

Research Director

The quality of the work that is carried out by Malana Research Cosnult is outstanding. The feasibility study they conducted associated with the extensive research was really great. They are fully committed to satisfy the best interest of their customers and always deliver on time without compromising quality

Christine antonella


Working with Malana research consult international for the first time, I was impressed by their thorough preparation and most professional execution of an extremely challenging project. The project managers showed enormous enthusiasm and creativity in bringing this project to a successful end. For automotive research in the East Africa region Malana Research Consult International will be my first choice next time.

Jimmy maxwell

Brand Strategies, Market Research

Our company has worked with Malana Research Consult many times . In the first time, Malana Research Consult was able to carry out a serious and comprehensive business plan that helped us in establishing our business, as it provided a clear due diligence and financial forecasts. We were completely satisfied with the deliverable of that project as ‘30 minutes” has integrated Malana Resaerch Consult ’ recommendations into normal business conduct. Malana Research Cosnult personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of financial analysis. The team was enthusiastic and positive. It was a real pleasure to work with them, on the personal and professional level.

Larry Becker

CEO & Founder

I believe the team was on their feet, quite organized foreseeing most scenarios, yet rapid in reacting to unforeseen situations. The quality of the moderators & translators is impressive compared to previous agencies utilized. The team has a good understanding of the local consumers making the debriefing more accurate and relevant, and making insights shared on the market very helpful. It has been a pleasure working with the team and look forward to future projects.

Peterson Walter

Marketing Manager