Data Collection

Why prefer Malana for data collection?

Are you looking ahead to collect data for a research project but have no clue where to start? Save time and absolutely avoid stress by choosing the best among data collection companies. Select Malana and be assured that only professional researcher will be working on your project.

How do we collect the data?

  • We analyze your project – in and out
  • We suggest the best data collection methods and channel
  • We proceed with data collection with live update on our client dedicated platform
  • You receive the final data set in any format of your choice

Malana collection solutions:

Every type of data collection is handled by malana professional researchers who have been trained in the best data collection solutions available and bring extensive exposure and expertise in this segment. We tailor our research methods to our client’s specific requirements. Each project is individually reviewed and researched based on the solution that is going to best fit your requirements. Our experience with data collection solutions make our business stand above the rest. We are the best among data collection companies and produce best quality results.


Malana data collection strategy:

We have one goal and that is to make sure that we provide you with a seamless integration of multiple data systems to get the insightful information. Malana always aim for accuracy and efficiency and bring the professional researchers that pull this off. We deliver what we promise. We are the best among data collection companies and can assign an individual data collection agent to work with you specifically.


  • face-to-face interview
  • focus group discussion
  • computer aided telephonic interview (CATI)
  • computer aided web interview (CAWI)
  • web surveys
  • Mobile surveys