Choosing aright tool for B2B Customer Insights

By Malana Research Consult, 0n 15 April 2018


Being in the field of Market Research Consultancy we come across organizations who wish to hear about their product & service experiences, feeling and perception about the brand and areas of concern if any from their customers. While this information can be obtained by deploying internal sales team and market touch-point, however it doesn’t ensure the process to be unbiased, unanimous, and traceable or that can be measured over a period of time consistently. This arises a need for a third party professional organization to address the above points in a systematic manner.

Once we came across a large organization involved in manufacturing of process equipment. They expressed their challenge in determining what customer feedback study will be a right fit to add value for their investment. They shared their exposure to so many terms about Customer Feedback Study often sounding similar like Net Promoter Score, Customer Engagement, Customer Loyalty Index, Customer Effort Score and many more. Perhaps, there exist no single frame that clearly marks the different type of studies and what it serves. Had it been, it would have served as an effective tool to determine the right tool for Customer Insight and Decision Making.

For capturing Customer Insights – the stage at which insight are to be captured along the buying stages holds the key in addressing the research objective through a right type and level of Research to be undertaken.

Framework for Type of Research Study along Customer Buying Journey of B2B Customer

Stages Stages of Customer Buying Corresponding Studies for each Stage
1 Awareness Brand Awareness & Image Study Customer Profile & Persona Assessment Customer Journey Mapping
2 Interest
3 Consideration
4 Evaluation Experience Customer Satisfaction/

Perception Study


Bench marking Study

Customer Effort Score Net Promoter Score
5 Purchase Experience
6 Product & Service Experience
7 Post Purchase Experience After Sales Experience Studies
8 Re-Purchase Intention Customer Loyalty Index


 Level of Research Involved Indicative

(Exploratory Research)

Advanced Level Research

 (Descriptive/In-Depth Research)


The development of framework is carefully collated based on the experience of executing more than 200 Customer Insight studies from different industries and complexities.

The above framework ensures appropriate design of approach and selection of type of research that meets the research objective. It is the level of research that defines the depth and detailing of data to reflect meaningful and actionable insights.

In our forthcoming blogs we dissect the above framework to provide insights at each stage and what differentiates one from the other and what is Suitable for your business?

  1. Net Promoter Score
  2. Customer Journey Mapping
  3. Customer Effort Score
  4. Concept Testing
  5. What differentiates B2B Customer Persona’s from those of B2C Customer


Stay tuned for additional tips on B2B customer insights . Malana Research consult International is a market research firm located in Kampala Uganda –East Africa. If you are interested in carrying out market research services in East Africa, please contact the Research Director, at or by calling +256787303399 or by whatsapping +256779129446.


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