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Malana research consult international Limited (MRCIL) is a full-service market and social Research agency, operating across East and central African Sub- Region and beyond. Malana research consult International limited was incorporated in Uganda in December 2010 predominantly to strive meeting or exceeding her clients’ expectations.

MRCIL is committed to collect quality data, data analysis and timely delivery to the clients in the most trusted and accurate manner. MRCIL was founded on the fundamentals of filling the shortfalls that most research agencies were denying their clients .

With this basis, MRCIL brought together personnel of likeminded individuals. This work force comprises a research experience of over 15 years from various leading research firms in East African Region. MRCIL experience revolves around all spheres of the market including leading businesses, government, education and non-profit organizations. We are well versed with virtually all forms of market and social research which we stretched hands on to override our experience curve within a short time frame.

MRCIL conducts research with the highest level of credibility, reliability and accountability to our clients operating on the sound belief that these three fundamentals should always be adhered to even in the event of shortcomings. We believe it’s positive to be forthright with a mistake and seek a mutual solution than sugar coating it to avoid detrimental burdens to all the stakeholders. There is a fundamental belief that any effort leading to the success of our client is good for the long term health of our business.

We are committed to the quality of data collection for which we emphasize on following the SOP for any assignment we undertake. And our Quality Management Division works as internal third party audit team and approves on the quality of data collection before sharing the data with our clients.


To be the leading agency in providing market and social research results to our esteemed clients within East and Central Africa and beyond.


erfgTeamwork, Integrity and Excellence • Responsiveness • Engaging in dialogue with clients • Adding value in all our projects • Outside the box thinking • Total commitment to qualityhbnm

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We offer High-quality Market Research Services across the Globe. Let us know what you required, and we’ll advise you on the best way to achieve it. We help our clients to optimize their research processes while utilizing the knowledge of our experts sourced from different industries.

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