Brand Assessment & Recall

Brand recall surveys are performed in order to measure consumers’ ideas and beliefs about the brand to assess brand awareness and image. With increasing competition it is important to conduct brand tracking surveys to ensure business sustainability.

Questionnaire Formation

Questionnaires should be formed by giving special focus to the chronology of different question. A typical brand track survey questionnaire includes unaided questions before aided questions in order to gauge unbiased insights. Branching and logic techniques are adopted in order to direct respondents to different questions depending on their previous answer. Following sequence of questions is usually followed in a brand assessment survey:


Screening Questions consist of qualifying questions based on required respondent profile.


Unaided Branding Questions for probing respondents to give names of the brands that comes to their mind in a particular situation.


Aided Branding Questions in order to check brand familiarity.


Brand Rating Questions to check brand satisfaction.


Product Specific Questions to get product specific reviews. Respondents can be asked to review the product in comparison to competitor’s products.


Brand Image and Affinity Questionsto understand how the respondent perceives the particular brand.


Product Rating Questions to test product satisfaction on the basis of quality, design, features, etc.


Future Intents Questionsto evaluate respondent’s future consumption behaviour and to understand which brands they are most likely to prefer in the future.

Respondent Selection Attributes


Income Attributes (Disposable Income, Home Ownership, Monthly Income, etc)


Demographic Profile (Age, Sex, Household Size, Ethnicity, Location, etc)


Media and Technology Indicators (Ownership of TV, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Access to Internet, etc)


Purchasing Behaviour (Buy on Price, Buy on Discount, Buy Advertised Goods, Preference towards Country of Origin, etc)