Case study: Rechargeable Batteries – Market Sizing Study – Kenya

Jan  ,15 2019


The challenge

The client is a global Fortune 500 company that specialized in consumer electronics ranging from projectors and digital cameras to consumer batteries. It wanted to increase its market share in Kenya and convert primary battery users to rechargeable battery users. Malana was engaged to gather information on various customer segments that used consumer batteries and assist the client in understanding their motivation for doing so.

The objectives of the study were to develop a study that enumerated the market size for consumer batteries in Kenya, analyze competitors’ share between primary and rechargeable batteries, as well as identify customer segments that were addressable by the client.

The process
Malana Research  conducted interviews with retailers that sold consumer batteries, as well as with consumers that used primary and/or rechargeable batteries. An analysis of secondary data on consumers’ usage patterns of batteries was provided as well.

The results

The client used the report to evaluate market demand for rechargeable batteries and develop marketing plans targeted at specific customer segments.

Project deliverables included a country-specific report that addressed

Current and forecasted market size for rechargeable batteries in Kenya , as well as the country’s market outlook

Market share breakdown between primary and rechargeable batteries, as well as competitors’ share

Customer segments that exist which were addressable by the client

Project Information