Data Collection

Data collection to identify growth & Right Decision

For any business, the data plays a key role and if you have the right Data collection then only you can take right decision. The major reason for data collection is to show the solutions for the research questions in hand. Our automated data collection strategy imparts the consistent structure of data of your organization's database, right from how data is collected, parsed, stored and accessed. Our master data processing solutions enable you to concentrate on building timely, robust, smart analytics-based strategies across marketing, sales product and services.

what we Do

We provide Data collection services, through text mining, for data interpretation, composition, comparison, distribution and relationship. Our expert team comprised of research methodology professionals, data collection analysts, statisticians, quality checkers and assurance teams. Outsourcing data collection services to our company will get you access to the experts with years of experience. Our team is trained in planning, collection, and monitoring of data that will cater you with best in class quality results at cost affordable prices. Our team has the capability and skills to undertake two types of data collection methods, one is primary and secondary data collection methods.

Online Data Collection
Online Data Collection Service is the extraction of information from different sources depending on the requirement of the business and to enter them in the database. We have created an automated solution to ensure a large volume of information is scratched from any site. We have a fast and flexible data collection solutions at cost affordable prices.
We can host your survey, at that point share with customers or clients from your database, via social media or we can source a specific respondent panel. However data can be gathered from different online sources, for example, contact details, organization details, vendors, supplier details etc. but our team manage data collection in the way that fulfills with our client requirements

what we Do

What we offer:

  • Online survey
  • Face to Face Survey
  • In-depth Interviews
  • CATI
  • CAPI
  • Focus group
  • Community Management
  • Workshops

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