Design Software Survey Brand Tracking and Preference

This survey was conducted by a leading developer of design software. The objective of the study was to check the usage and preference of their suite of softwares over other providers across industries which involved any sort of work around image/video editing, graphic design etc.

Target Audience - IT purchase decision makers and company size with 10+ employees in the organization in Japan. Sample size: total 600 completed interviews further broken down by sub-quotas based on employee size of the organizations.

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Action/Challenges: A big challenge here was that initially, we were not certain, as to which industries to target as the client was open to receive completes across all industries as long as their products were being used over there even though the primary business of the organization wasn’t design, editing etc. We targeted IT purchase decision makers and sent out sample across industry domains keeping company size balanced and kept a close tab on the industries from which we were getting most fallout for completes. This helped us further to drive our sample more towards the relevant industries and we were able to successfully complete fieldwork. Being a B2B survey, we also recommended our client to put in red herrings in place to ensure only genuine respondents were able to complete the survey. In the brands awareness question, in the brand list, we inserted three brands, which were ‘fake’, non-existent ones, but resembled closely to available brands. Any respondent not paying attention or trying to fake information, if selected such a brand in the list was terminated real-time.

Outcome – With constant monitoring and tracking, we steered field work successfully to the finish line. The client was impressed with our commitment to quality and our proactive suggestions and measures to ensure the same. Approximately 70% of the Purchase DMs were aware of the design products of our client and 54% preferred their solutions over other range of products available in the market.

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