Media Research

Setting A Global Standard In Market Research Industry

Malana Research Consult is regularly called upon to provide insight to the leading media outlets. Whether doing research on viewership/readership for media outlets or tracking the public opinion on issues related to public policy and the economy or preparing for profiling media consumption habits, Malana Research has emerged as a leader in the field of media research.

Our offering helps market participants make informed decisions on how to maximize the returns for their business and identify where market opportunities exist. To follow is a sample of our media experience.

  • Viewership/readership studies
  • Longitudinal tracking
  • Regulatory research
  • Media habit profiling
  • Content, program and ad testing
  • Online viewer/reader engagement
  • Exploratory focus groups
  • Political polling

Needs Assessments

We have a track record in conducting baseline surveys, formative research and situation analyses to help organizations refine project/program Theories of Change and design interventions that address the felt needs of their target group. We also competent in using a range of participatory approaches to assist organizations understand their operational context, identify needs and priorities, performance gaps and therefore design effective, relevant and sustainable strategies for addressing them.

Development of M&E Systems

Malana Research Consult (MRC) supports organizations to develop monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks to enable them periodically track progress in the implementation of planned activities and undertake performance management. MRC also supports organizations to develop essential MEL tools such as theories of change, logical frameworks, M&E plans, and other through participatory processes.

Impact evaluation

We have the reputation and experience in undertaking Endline evaluations to ascertain the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of interventions of a project, program or policy on individuals, groups, institutions and the environment. Our work helps individual projects and organizations as a whole to identify lessons, document good practices and build the capacities required to improve performance and promote sustainability and scale up.

Training and Facilitation

MRC has experienced trainers and facilitators that support training activities in development work. We provide OD support to close performance gaps and manage for results, including planning and facilitation of staff retreats, workshops, stakeholder consultations, and other special forums.

Strategic Planning

MRC has vast experience in designing Results-Oriented Sector Strategies and Country Programs - working with donors, governments and local stakeholders to develop results-oriented sector strategies and programs in health, education, water, and governance.


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