Media Research

Malana Research Consult is regularly called upon to provide insight to the  leading media outlets. Whether doing research on viewership/readership for media outlets or tracking the public opinion on issues related to public policy and the economy or preparing for profiling media consumption habits, Malana Research  has emerged as a leader in the field of media research.

Our offering helps market participants make informed decisions on how to maximize the returns for their business and identify where market opportunities exist. To follow is a sample of our media experience.

  • Viewership/readership studies
    • Longitudinal tracking
    • Regulatory research
    • Media habit profiling
    • Content, program and ad testing
    • Online viewer/reader engagement
    • Exploratory focus groups
    • Political polling



Malana Research  squarely relies on time-proven analytical and scientific methods to provide for our clients’ research needs.Malana Research is composed of scholars and analysts who have studied the Uganda  public for well over a decade. Throughout over a decade of experience, our experts have provid clients  from a variety of countries with political research services and have strived to unveil even the most hidden aspects of Uganda’s political culture and atmosphere to the outside world. We use rigorous quantitative as well as qualitative research methods to unearth the evidence needed to produce actionable analytics.

Knowing that our clients come to us with a wide variety of research needs – from Opinion Research, Survey Data Analysis, Opinion Leader Surveys, Election Polling, to Exit Polling, we rely on a team of specialists with diverse expertise in a wide range of fields. In the past, our experts have provided consultant field research , and data  to clients both from the public and the private sectors that needed political research services.

Regardless of your research need and topic, when you come to Malana Research, you will be met by our entire research team and we will help you devise the most cost-effective and reliable research method and instrument to attain the insight you are seeking.

We always combine rigorous and robust qualitative and quantitative research techniques with a flexible and cost-effective approach. Our team delivers research results that stand up to extreme scrutiny and are used by our clients to make strategic decisions, help shape public policy, uncover deep insights into public opinion or push the boundaries of current thinking and academia.

We rely on time-proven analytical and scientific methods to provide for our clients’ research needs.


  • As trained social scientists, we believe in the scientific method.
  • We turn observations into evidence-based insight.
  • Our services can be readily replicated and verified.
  • We leave nothing to assumption.