Mystery Shopping Survey

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Mystery shopping surveys are observational studies conducted to evaluate sales and customer service departments in the company. Our analysts go through the product or service interactions across yours and your competitors’ enterprise as trained “shoppers” and report back with detailed and unbiased account of their experience. Mystery shopping helps companies understand a general customer experience, what staff behavior should be promoted and will also help the company make the required changes in sales and customer service departments.

Step 1: Understanding Objective and Strategy Formulation

It is very important to understand why a mystery shopping survey is conducted and how the company strategies to use its output in business. Mystery shopping surveys are conducted for multiple reasons including:

  • To ensure brand promises to customers are meet.
  • To understand best practice in business by mystery shopping competitors and also to understand reasons for customer defection.
  • To evaluate training effectiveness among sales and customer service team.
  • Asset Management
  • Measuring channel pricing for own products in order to drive pricing discipline, or measuring pricing of competitors to create pricing strategies and schemes and offers.
  • To check efficiency of customer service or customer support.
  • To understand buying experience and to find customer pain points.

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