Net Promoter Score

Setting A Global Standard In Market Research Industry

Net promoter score is a metrics used by companies to evaluate customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and to select appropriate suppliers or a business partner.

Types Net Promoter Score Survey


Consumer Net Promoter Score

Customer net promoter score survey is conducted in order to assess company’s performance by evaluating customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Supplier Net Promoter Score

Supplier Net Promoter Score Surveys are conducted in order to select an appropriate supplier. While conducting the survey other companies in the industry are surveyed to understand their likelihood to recommend different supplier to others so that NPS for each supplier can be calculated. The supplier with best NPS score can then be appointed by the company.


Employee Net Promoter Score

It is a method of measuring willingness of employees to recommend the employer to friends and family.


Retail audits are conducted either by visiting the store or by making anenquiry over a call. Regular retail audits can enable companies to stay ahead of the competition and ensure maximum ROI.



Respondents who score either 9 or 10 are called as promoters. Promoters are loyal to the company; they are highly satisfied with the company and are likely to recommend the same to others.



Passives score either 7 or 8. They are satisfied with the company but can easily switch to a competitor’s offering. They will not spread negative reviews of the company but will not enthusiastically promote the company.



Respondents who score between 0 and 6 are called as detractors. They are dissatisfied with the company and will not repurchase. They can spread negative reviews and will not recommend the company to others.

Calculation of NPS

NPS is calculated by subtracting percentage of respondents who are detractors from percentage of promoters. The NPS score falls between -100 and 100.


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