Oil and Gas Market Research

Demand for oil and gas throughout the world is continuing to rise, driven in no small part by demand from emerging economies such as Africa . With two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves lying in the Middle East, this part of the world will become an even more important supply source in the future – here oil and gas market research becomes necessary.

In recent years, there has been a heightened interest from energy companies diversifying their product mix and focusing on non-traditional and alternative fuel sources. With the ever widening search for replacement reserves and global consumption nearly stripping production rates, the changing market conditions will continue to challenge energy companies.


Malana Research Oil and Gas Market Research and Industry Experience:

  • Fleet services: Segmentation and route rationalization research looking at fleet management solutions throughout the globe
  • Aviation fuels: From assessing the global market for fuel management services through to researching the attitudes of pilots and the supply of fuels and lubricants at airfields
  • Lubes and fuels: Numerous studies on a national and global level looking at different types of oils, lubricants and fuels, and associated services attached to these products
  • Refining: Market intelligence to understand the supply market for EPCM plant construction and maintenance
  • LPG: Africal needs assessment and segmentation in different markets from chicken farms to hotels and restaurants across the Africa
  • Alternative fuels: Assessment of alternative fuels in East Africa and evaluation of needs of global oil marketers

Our oil and gas market research industry experts, consultants, analyst and researchers evaluate and monitor the oil and gas industry on various aspects across the geographies.