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Sampling & Coverage

We understand that quantitative data is only as good as the sample on which it’s based. That’s why Malana Research Consult (MRC) implements the highest quality sampling methods, giving every individual in a chosen population equal chance of being selected for our survey. Our teams conduct face-to-face interviews with respondents, and can cover the remotest locations, enabling us to provide a representative snapshot of opinion from some of the Africa’s most difficult to reach audiences.

Centralized Training

All teams are trained on the back ground of the study, Quality control measures, Roles and responsibilities of interviewers, supervisors and Quality Controllers (QCs), Interviewing skills, research protocols to be followed while in field as well as ethical conduct in research based on the ESOMAR CODE of conduct . The training is guided by a training manual and facilitated by Malana Research Consult team in conjunction with the client.

We always emphasize a centralized training for the whole project team so as for the field team to have a uniform understanding of the study objectives and methodology. We strongly desist from having decentralized training by the supervisors.

During the Research Assistants training, trainees are always subjected to tests to fully understand the competence of the team to execute the job. Trainees’ performance in the tests and during the practical activity shall be the criteria for final selection of enumerators for data collection and Supervisor are selected based on experience and competence exhibited during the Research Assistants’ training and will be subjected to independent training to understand their roles while in the field.


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