Questionnaire Design

Setting A Global Standard In Market Research Industry

We believe that Questionnaire designing is the most intense and integral part of any research that is conducted worldwide.

We at Malana Research Consult (MRC), go deep in understanding clients requirement as to what exactly they are looking for and how the research can really help them pull out the information which is most important for their business.

Once, the requirements are clear; we work towards making a questionnaire which is user friendly and in a flow to fulfill the research needs. We believe in Excellent delivering rather than depending on the quantity of questions in the survey.


Analysis of data is a process of reviewing, cleaning, converting, and exhibiting data through systematic application of statistical and/or logical techniques with the objective of ascertaining valuable information, signifying inferences, and assisting decision-making. While data analysis in qualitative research can include statistical techniques, several times examination becomes a continuing iterative process where data is constantly collected and scrutinized concurrently. Actually, researchers and analysts usually evaluate for patterns in findings through complete data collection stage. The method of the analysis is generally based on the precise qualitative approach followed and the form of the data. A vital element of confirming data integrity is the correct and suitable exploration of research outcomes.


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