Qualitative Research

Qualitative Market Research is a medium of getting in-depth knowledge from the subject, Qualitative Market Research make an understanding through personal interaction in person to person research to understand how and why people behave and think in certain ways it looks into the in-depth motivations behind consumer buying behavior or opinions. It provide a great deal of Information for the companies who are looking for the edge in the market place.
Qualitative Market Research explore what, why and how people and thinking and behave, Qualitative Market Research seek to define the meaning and gain quality insights from qualitative methods to change how businesses run. Our findings through Qualitative Research create a friendly effect on brands, brand messaging with product development, positioning pricing and customer service.
Qualitative Market research have developed from social science like anthropology, Psychology and sociology, our methodology and framework for the research provides deep insights for fast paced business world. Our Qualitative Research team comprise of highly qualified moderators and very skilled recruiters for the competitive edge for clients.
In each study we goes through deep understanding of the subject and product, we design, implement and conduct research in fast paced manner to give companies answers quickly to act upon with deeper insights of consumer minds their mindset and triggers for their interaction with the companies.

Malana  Research have a vast experience in conducting Qualitative Market Research, we provide full range of services in Qualitative Research Methodologies, including;

  • Depth Interviews
  • Telephonic Depth Interviews
  • Online qualitative Research
  • Observational Research
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Online Group Discussion
  • Online Community Recruitments
  • Intercept interviews
  • Panel services
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Sensory tests
  • To the world which emphasizes on natural setting at the point of view of the research participant. Behind all research stands the biography of the gendered researcher, who speaks from a particular class, racial, cultural and ethnic community perspective.

Qualitative methods provide an edge of clear picture and set of exact information to our client which brings the core insights to build a perfect strategy. Agape Mcesses and tools to optimize the results to integrate a perfect business strategy depending on valuable insights.


We follows robust recruitment practices, whereby respondents are informed in advance about the topic under discussion, its objectives, and all information related thereto. Respondents are also assured about the confidentiality of information that they have provided.


We recognize that selection of a moderator is important to organize successful depth interviews/focus group results, owing to which there is a requirement for highly experienced and trained moderators. Our aim is to serve growing need of clients, where a team of industry-specific skilled moderators can, moderate, probe and facilitate as per the study specifications.


n-depth interview is method of analysis, wherein the moderator ensures conversation with the respondents by means of a thoroughly designed discussion guide comprising of open-ended questions. IDIs provide preliminary information that can be further analyzed and used for developing surveys.


FGD is a discussion among a group of respondents on a predetermined topic planned for research purposes. This discussion is directed, supervised and documented by moderators or researchers. FGDs are used for generating information on combined views, and the meanings that lie behind those view-points.



At times, highly selective participants, could be hard to reach or to initiate a discussion about complex topics; this is where Telephonic Depth Interviews come into play. On most occasions, while conducting TDIs, the study is kept confidential, The survey sponsor name is kept confidential to avoid bias.


Main objective of conducting a Mystery Shopping exercise is to evaluate the quality of service that has been provided to the customer or to provide information about various operational aspects, so that the services offered to the customer can be improved. This objective is achieved either by simple observation at point of sale or by making an enquiry or purchase.



Ethnographic research supports companies comprehend the customer in terms of approach, cultural trends, routine factors and how social framework impacts product selection and usage. Usually, focus group is a method of choice, when companies need to decide how customers sense about a service or product.



Nowadays FGD have been used very frequently and have become the choice of researchers. This methodology has made it possible to acquire qualitative information online. The development has been found to be very promising owing to sophistication and speed of new technology, It has been found to be more feasible and convenient for them to share their opinions over the Internet.


Qualitative and exploratory nature of this tool is focused on a targeted group of people – whose participation is expected over an extended period of time. On most occasions participants are exposed to product and brand stimuli. Interaction happens with the help of both open-ended, as well as closed-end questions.