Spine Surgeons

The primary objective of this study was to identify opportunities for innovation and importance from spine surgeons as they relieve spine-related symptoms with a surgical procedure
Target Audience - 120 U.S Orthopedic and neuro-spine surgeons were targeted as per sample plan and the interviews were conducted. The first part of the research being qualitative and the later part being quantitative in nature.
Action/Challenges: The fieldwork was planned to get a good spread amongst the following attributes

  1. Urban, Sub-urban and Rural communities, patients on whom the procedures were performed on
  2. Surgeons with experience of performing procedure s ranging from 2 to 15 years
  3. Types of procedures conducted over the last 30 days, namely 1) Posterior and Anterolateral lumber fusion 2) posterior and anterior cervical fusion.
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Outcome – 71% Surgeons are Very / Extremely Satisfied with the procedure they last performed with the given equipment, products, training, and support staff available. Certain important factors for satisfaction came up, minimizing the time it takes to choose instrumentation compatible with the patient’s bone composition being on top of the list. Certain other findings like the top manufacturers providing instrumentations for spine stabilization techniques came up as well. Out of the patients’ who underwent surgery, most of the patients (47%) were suffering from Decompression related to the spine.

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